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Boyi Studios is a media company with its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda and an additional office in Lyon, France.

When I started podcasting, I never thought I would be in the media sphere but technology aka Youtube & Google have helped me a great deal. I wanted to challenge myself and oh boy, was I on the right track!

It all started with a peculiar idea of showcasing something new about Africa, women, tech, sports and other subjects that inspire me. Podcasting at the moment is still focusing on releasing audio episodes but the future is bright, video will be next.

Also, having been working hard in connecting with people, I am pleased to announce that Africans podcasters are being recognised by African broadcasters and sponsors.

Afripods is an African only platform that helps discover African podcasters. You can listen to Parole, Sporteve on it.

This year, Boyi Studios signed a deal with the MTN Nigeria podcasting platform, Audapp. This opportunity will bring visibility to the company with the millions of Nigerians and to many more Africans after that.

Boyi Studios

  1. advises and builds its network by raising funds for online projects, documentaries and motion pictures.
  2. collaborates with corporations, small and medium businesses on sponsoring deals.

A podcast about sports!

I mean, why not? But you better find your audience.

I started believing in my ability to interview after having listened to lots of professional interviews over the years. After some time, I heard the same stories and usually coming from the same pool of people.

That is why I decided to launch Sporteve (read sport + eve like the first woman to have been placed on the Earth), I wanted to hear from women and men working in the sports industry.

What is it like to be a woman sports manager? What is it like to coach a team as a woman? What is it like to be a sports journalist? A historian? Etc.

My quest led to interviewing amazing people who without this podcast, I would not have met them and enjoyed our conversations.

Sporteve is ready to bring more conversations and share the journeys of those in the spotlight and the ones that are hidden to challenge us to see the world with fresh perspective.

Hope to meet you on the pitch, to read your emails or DMs and build this sports community.

Parole is French for word, this podcast is about bringing in the open the conversations with Africa’s shakers and movers, the conversations I have with my friends being quite similar, I wanted to share the future through my lens so to speak.

I started with my network, Burundians who are or have worked in politics, tourism, art then welcomed other nationalities. The idea behind Parole is to introduce Africans to Africans, then to the world. The first part of the podcast, I spoke mostly with the African diaspora. Nowadays, I have had the pleasure to converse with Africans who have decided to go back to Africa, with the good and the bad. What ideas are brewing in tech, finance, or business? What should a Gambian learn about an Egyptian? The North v Sub Saharan Africa? What are the cultural differences?

Parole after having witnessed the great resignation, there was a way that Africa was still portrayed that deeply bothered me. To share these stories was a need more than a passion unlike Sporteve 😊.

However, the podcast is not all about Africa, we talk about diplomacy, religion, global politics, etc… by tackling today’s questions.

Parole like Sporteve episodes are in English and in French.

As the associate producer at African Tech Roundup, I was fortunate to interview Africans’ thought leaders, entrepreneurs, VCs.

I was invited to give my take on what the African tech space looks like on Emerging Markets, hosted & produced by Ana Paula Picasso.

Here’s the link, do not hesitate to reach out to her or me if you want to learn or impact the African space.

👉🏽 You can visit the website : www.boyistudios.com



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